We use a unique spray painting method to spray the roof with the Eco Rubber Sealant. The product has a 10 year warranty but this is subject to proper maintenance and care of the product.

What makes Eco Rubber Unique?
Eco Rubber is an Asphalt emulsion or Acrylic Polymer emulsion coating engineered to provide exceptional adhesive, elastic & protective properties (Waterproofing, Corrosion, Chemical Resistant), Spray or Brush Applied, Safe Environmentally Friendly, UV Resistant. Comes in a variety of colours. Significant installation cost savings for the consumer Minimal surface preparation required, has a one coat system and is environmentally friendly & safe.

Eco Rubber products are widely used in the following industries

  • Oil & Gas
  • Marine Industries
  • Gas Transportation
  • Building Construction
  • Industrial & Agricultural
  • Mining and Ore Processing
  • Water Containment and Processing
  • Food Processing & Abattoirs
  • Types of Roofs
  • Metal Sheeted Roofs
  • Tiled Roofs
  • Asbestos / Nutech Roofs
  • Concrete Slab Roofs
  • Roof Covering
  • Waterproofing
  • Encapsulating
  • Rust prevention and Rehabilitation
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